Comparison between Canada and Korea

Many people think that there is no similarity between Canada and Korea. However, there are some similarities between the two countries. First of all, both Korea and Canada have a rival country. In particular, Korea’s rival country is Japan. Historically, Korea and Japan have competed with each other. Therefore, when Korean national soccer players play soccer against Japanese national soccer players, Koreans and Japanese passionately cheer for their countries’ players. Canada also has a rival country, which is the USA. As many people know, the USA and Canada have competed for many years. Therefore, Canadians cheer more passionately for their hockey or football teams when they play against American teams than when they play against domestic teams. Second of all, the population distribution is similar between Korea and Canada. Even though the size of the countries is very different, relatively few Koreans and Canadians live in the countryside of their country. Also the behavior of rural residents in both countries is surprisingly similar, such as showing hostility to strangers and being conservative. If someone visits the Korean and Canadian countryside, they would notice that there is little difference except skin color of people and language they speak. Last but not least, Korea and Canada have a lot of foreign laborers. Many foreigners from around the world come to Canada to work. Likewise, many foreigners, especially from Southeast Asia, come to Korea to work. As many foreigners try to talk with English speakers as much as possible to learn English fast in Canada, so many foreigners in Korea also try to talk with native Koreans for the same reason. These are three similarities between Korea and Canada. Even though Korea and Canada have totally different cultures and histories, Koreans and Canadians nevertheless share these three similarities and can be good friends.


The impressive quotation.

“Le mot impossible n’est pas français.” translate to in English “The word impossible is not in my dictionary”  to Korean “나의 사전엔 불가능이란 없다.”

Napoleon Bonaparte during conquering Europe.

There is a reason why I like the quote. This quote help me when I have a task which is hard. For example,

when I was a corporal in army, there was a promotion which include shooting test. I had poor shooting skill,

so I was very worried about the test. However, When I reminded this quote, I recovered my confidence and practice a lot.

Finally, I passed the shooting test and promoted to sergeant. I still use this quote when I encounter huge problems.

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Comparison Between Remembrance Day and Independence Day in my country.

When I walked on the Robson Street on November eleventh, I could see many people who wore the poppy, because that day was

Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is made for the soldiers who fight and died  the wars such as WW1 AND WW2 for Canada.

As I said that Canadian wears the poppy which symbolize the soldiers on Remembrance Day. Canadian also gets silence for 2

minutes at 11 am on Remembrance Day to remember the soldiers and thank for their sacrifice . Canadian government sponsor many

event to celebrate the soldiers.

In my country Korea, there is a similar hoilday which is Independence Day. The date of this holiday is August fifteenth. Korea

obtain independence from Japan on August fifteenth in 1945. In this day, Korean government recommends that hang the national

flag at home to their citizens and sponsor many event for Independence Day. Many Korean get silence a few minutes anytime on

Independence Day to remember people who sacrifice themselves to obtain independence.

Even though There is significantly difference between Canada and my country, Korea, Both country have almost same holiday.

It tells to people that remembering these ancestors is very important for them

A place I like in Vancouver.

A place I like in Vancouver is the library. There are many library in Vancouver. Why I like the library is

library has many books, program. It also helps me to concentrate on studying.

First of all, There are a lot of book in library. I like to read a book. If I go to library, I am able to read

many books without paying. Second of all, there are many programs in library such as mini concert.

I like to join these programs because it gives me a fun. Finally, a library makes me study hard. I would

like to study hard. However, when I study home, I cannot concentrate on studying. In contrast, When

I study in library. I can study hard. Because a library is very quiet, as well as there are many people

who study really hard. Therefore, I feel obligated to study hard.

Many people may not like a library. However, if you become a person ,who likes to read a book, join

a program and study, a library would be became that a place you like in Vancouver.